And then there were two.

It’s time for the cup to come out. This time, it's going to have an East Coast flavor. No Ducks, no Stars. Not even a Flyer.

This year’s Stanley Cup will feature two teams that know something about the world’s most famous trophy. They are no strangers to Coupe Stanley.

Detroit has ten cups, while the Penguins own two. So let’s look at this year’s Stanley Cup Finals.

Detroit vs. Pittsburgh - A pair of teams that are familiar with Lord Stanley’s Cup. Sid Crosby finally takes his place on the NHL stage and does it faster than his boss, Mario Lemieux, as far as years are concerned. Pittsburgh had a better record in this year’s Stanley Cup Playoffs, going 12-2 to 12-4 for the Wings. This could be either an exciting series or a dud.

My money says that it will be exciting. These two teams were electric in the first two rounds of the playoffs.

Pittsburgh comes off an electric win at home Sunday against their state rivals while Detroit stumbled at Joe Louis last Saturday before taking care of Dallas in the Lone Star State. Chris Chelios missed game six with an injury but his services were not needed. Chris Osgood was electric tonight and needs to continue the trend for the Red Wings to be successful.

It looks good on paper. But then again, this is played on ice. That being said, I am looking for a great series, which could go seven. I am taking the Flightless Birds to go seven, giving Sid the Kid his first of what will hopefully be many Stanley Cups.

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