Everyone makes mistakes when predicting where teams will fall each NFL season, even Bill "The Sports Guy" Simmons. Sports Illustrated's Dr. Z and others take time to look over their failed predictions on the season, I'm doing the honors for "The Sports Guy" himself. Ratings are simply letter grades (No +/-) based on how far the team fell from the standings location Simmons thought they would.

32. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Simmons seems to think the Buccaneers will finish at the bottom of the NFL and hints at a departure for Head Coach Jon Gruden. In reality, Jon Gruden leads the Buccaneers to a NFC South title, even drawing a lone vote for NFL Head Coach of the Year. Prediction Rating: F

31. Kansas City Chiefs- Simmons was right, the Chiefs were god awful, finishing the season with nine straight losses, making it seem unbelievable they held a winning record of 4-3 earlier this season. Prediction Rating: A

30. Detroit Lions- Simmons spends most of his time criticizing the offensive schemes of Mike Martz and taking the easy path of declaring the Lions are destined for the NFL cellar. The Lions offense finished 19th in 2007, leading to the termination of Martz, and the Lions finish the season on a 1-7 stretch after starting 6-2. Prediction Rating: B

29. Miami Dolphins- 29th is simply too high for this team but Simmons describes the situation of this team perfectly from the concussed Trent Green to the worst receivers in the AFC that made John Beck look like the next coming of Ryan Leaf. Prediction Rating: A

28. Cleveland Browns- Simmons claims of "One year away from being turned around by Cowher", should be more like "One year from another 10 wins under the guidance of Crennel", then again who saw Derek Anderson emerging as a star NFL QB? Prediction Rating: F

27. Minnesota Vikings- Simmons describes the mistake of allowing Tarvaris Jackson to be a starting NFL QB which is arguably accurate, but seems to overlook the two-headed monster of Adrian Peterson and Chester Taylor that lead the Vikings to playoff contention and a 8-8 record. Prediction Rating: C

26. Buffalo Bills- Simmons extenuates the Bills playoff drought one that would continue on for the '07 season, however the Bills remain competetive, remaining in the playoff race late into the season, and maintaining a winning record in games started by rookie QB Trent Edwards. Prediction rating: C

25. New York Giants- Simmons describes the Giants as an out of control bunch without any sense of chemistry or purpose who will desperately miss Tiki Barber. Lucky for them, that's not enough to keep them from a 10-6 record and a playoff spot. Prediction rating: D

24. Washington Redskins- Simmons acknowledges the sleeper potential of the Skins but decides the odds are against them due to a tough second half schedule when in reality they finish the season on a four game winning streak after falling to 5-7 earlier during their suppossed "early first half schedule". Prediction Rating: C

23. Carolina Panthers- Simmons taunts the opposition who always seem to think the Panthers have a Super Bowl in them, adding that Jake Delhomme might have hypnotized a few during the Panthers 2003 Super Bowl loss. Prediction Rating: A

22. Tennessee Titans- Simmons claims overcoming the loss of Adam Pac Man Jones is essentially impossible. Guess having the 5th overall defense in the NFL in 2007 and a playoff berth proved the opposite. Prediction Rating: C

21. San Francisco 49ers- Simmons describes the bandwagon fans who were ultimately find themselves believing that the 49ers can win 10-11 games due to shelling out millions in free agency despite proving nothing in actual games. Prediction Rating: B

20. St. Louis Rams and 19. Arizona Cardinals- Simmons puts these two teams together describing them as essentially "the same team". Well the Rams floundered to 3-13 under rookie Head Coach Scott Linehan while the Cardinals finished 8-8 under rookie Head Coach Ken Wisenhunt, but essentially they both have first year coaches making them somewhat similar I guess? Prediction Rating: (C for Rams) (B for Cardinals)

18. Oakland Raiders- Putting the word sleeper around any description of the '07 Raiders, even if Simmons didn't buy it, makes me sick. Prediction Rating: C

17. Houston Texans- Simmons buys into the honesty of Texans Head Coach Gary Kubiak who simply says, "We're not that good yet." Prediction Rating: A

16. Green Bay Packers- "Trust Bill Here: This is a picture of two washed up old guys."- Picture caption of Brett Favre and Vikings Fan. Prediction Rating: D

15. Jacksonville Jaguars- Simmons says, "David Garrard, Byron Leftwich ... in the end, does it really matter?" I say, "Yes Bill, in fact it does." Prediction Rating: C

14. Cincinnati Bengals- Simmons reminds us to watch footage of what happened to the 06 Bengals, after another mediocre season, this time at 7-9, I'd say he was right. Prediction Rating: B

13. New York Jets- Simmons compares Chad Pennington's situation to that of Jake Plummer's in 2006. However, Kellen Clemens doesn't seem to help things, as the 2007 Jets record of 4-12 was quite the 9-7 the prediction entailed. Prediction Rating: D

12. Atlanta Falcons- "Mega-sleeper"? Prediction Rating: D

11. Dallas Cowboys- Simmons recounts how he constantly bashed Wade Phillips while he was head coach of the Bills. Too bad for Simmons, Wade won 58% of his games with the Bills. Prediction Rating: C

10. Denver Broncos- Javon Walker, Travis Henry, Ian Gold, D.J. Williams, Champ Bailey and Dre Bly are simply too much for Mike Shanahan to miss the playoffs two years in a row according to Simmons. Well when Walker gets hurt, Henry falls into legal trouble, that list looks a little smaller. Prediction Rating: C

9. Philadelphia Eagles- Simmons seems to feel like the Eagles have one more chance to make a run at the Super Bowl. Well a 8-8 record doesn't usually give you the chance to prove that. Prediction Rating: B

8. Pittsburgh Steelers- Simmons claims he wouldn't be surprised if this team went 5-11 or 13-3. Fortunately for him their 10-6 record fell right in between. Prediction Rating: A

7. Baltimore Ravens- Simmons acknowledges the miraculous injury free season by McNair in 06, winning four legitimately lucky games and their tougher schedule, but still falls on the bandwagon. Prediction Rating: D

6. Chicago Bears- Simmons seems to think Grossman will have a '85 Tony Eason season and lead the Bears to victory. Glad to know someone supports Rex. Prediction Rating: D

5. New Orleans Saints- Simmons starts with "Even though they have all the makings of the "10-6 Team That Got On A Roll With An Easy Schedule, Overachieved and Fell Backwards the Next Year."" He should have simply kept the quotation and moved on. Prediction Rating: D

4. Indianapolis Colts- Simmons claims this team could end the Brady-Manning debate once and for all. I don't know about that, but his prediction fell right were it should be. Prediction Rating: A

3.) San Diego Chargers- Simmons describes the coaching situation, "With Norv and Ted, they cannot beat enough of the good chess players. The game is in the details and they leave too many untouched." Chargers finish surprisingly strong but Turner scares us along the way. Prediction Rating: B

2.) Seattle Seahawks- I'm not sure how the Seahawks got this high but Simmons claims it has something to do with Jim Mora Jr.? Then again he did notice their easy schedule. Prediction Rating: B

1.) New England Patriots- Right on. Prediction Rating: A

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