Remember in Home Alone when Kevin specifically wants cheese pizza and everyone knows he wants cheese pizza so they order him one cheese pizza.

Then, just to be a jerk, Buzz, his older brother, eats all the cheese pizza before Kevin has a chance to have a slice. Mocking the cruelty of the situation, Buzz offers to throw up the pizza so Kevin can share in the cheese pizzaie goodness.

Kevin passes on the throw up, going for a strong shove instead. He does this because no one ever takes the throw up option. No one ever thinks about it. Even offering the throw up option is a jerk move. Buzz is a jerk.

Well, David Stern forced the Hawks to regurgitate the final 51 seconds of the Heat game. And surprise, surprise it already is coming out like throw up.

The Shaq trade makes this re-do almost comical. No actually it makes it comical.

I understand that the Hawks stat dude mystifyingly, mysteriously, ridiculously cheated/is incompetent. Just like I am aware that Buzz is a jerk. But when the only option is to throw up the pizza, sometimes you just have to let things go.

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