Yesterday New York Mets general manager Omar Minaya made himself look like a fool, when claiming New York Daily News reporter Adam Rubin has asked several
members of the Mets organization about becoming a member of the front office.

This press conference was suppose to be directly about the firing of Mets vice president of player personnel Tony Bernazard, but Minaya took an unnecessary shot at Rubin.

Bernazard was fired because of recent conflicts with Mets closer, Francisco Rodriguez and challenging some minor league players to a fight. Bernazard has had conflicts with others in the past and wasn't considered as a friendly person by others.

Rubin said he has asked about getting jobs in Major League Baseball, but never talked to Minaya directly about it. Rubin wasn't happy about Minaya turning the press conference around and believed it had nothing to do with firing Bernazard. Nobody was expecting this and some believe Minaya did this out of anger. Rubin has doubts about covering the Mets since this news came out.

Instead of trying to hurt Rubin, Minaya hurt himself. He made himself look like a fool and the low blow he gave Rubin didn't work. Some feel this could be the beginning of the end for Minaya and his last days are soming soon.

Minaya seemed upset about firing Bernazard, who happened to be a close friend of his.

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