Just when everyone was starting to question the abilities and readiness of Eli Manning. Just when the nay sayers started to chaulk him up as replacable. Manning has shown a brilliance that can only be measured by smiles on the fans and players around him.

Eli is not putting up huge numbers, but he is doing all the little things right late in the year. After helping the Giants to almost knock off the undefeated New England Patriots, Eli Manning helped his team overcome the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the Wild Card by winning 24-14. Now, in what might be considered one of his most poised games of his career, lead the New York Giants to an upset of the NFC's top seeded Dallas Cowboys 21-17.

At first look, everything about the game would appear to favor Dallas. The Cowboys lead in total yards (336 to 230), and in time of possession (36:30 to 23:30). Tony Romo completing 18 of 36 passes for 201 yards, 1 touchdown, and only 1 interception. Marion Barber had 129 yards on 27 carries with a touchdown. However; all this pailed to the fact the Cowboys could not keep the ball moving after the half.

The game was tied up 14-14 at the going into the half. The Cowboys returned from the half to drive the ball all the way down to the 16 yard line where they were able to finish the drive with a field goal. The Giants defense would take over the rest of the game.

The Cowboys would be forces to punt the ball 3 out of the remaining 4 times they would get the ball the rest of the game. The last time they had the ball was with 1:50 left on the clock, and ended with an interception by R. McQuarters to put the nail in the coffin.

Eli Manning ended the game as steady as he started it. He threw for 12 of 18 for 163 yard with 2 touchdowns. These number, though not as impressive as the Pro Bowl quarterbacks, has one very important factor. Manning did not turn the ball over. He kept his team in the game from start, to finish. His team will need him to continue his progress as they will face the Green Bay Packers, Sunday at 6:30PM at Lambeau Field.

Game Stats

| New York Giants (10-6-0) | | Total Net Yards | 230 | | Penalties-Yards | 3-25 | | Time of Possession | 23:30 | | Total Turnovers | 0 |

| Dallas Cowboys (13-3-0) | | Total Net Yards | 336 | | Penalties-Yards | 11-84 | | Time of Possession | 36:30 | | Total Turnovers | 1 |

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