Like father like son the old clique goes...

EX-NFL Head Coach Buddy Ryan was obnoxious, loud-mouthed, repugnant, but was tough and won. In the mid to late 1980’s he turned the Philadelphia Eagles from slumping squad to a feared defensive machine. His defenses intimated opponents with brutish glee, with fat Buddy pumping his fist in the air right behind them. He had crass style that had foes like Jimmy Johnson crying like little girls.

His uncouth act eventually made Philly ownership chase him out of town, but that was only after he failed to win a playoff game after five seasons.

Hopefully his boisterous son, New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan can emulate his old man’s success.

The jovial first year coach has made some bold statements about his team showing the NFL who’s the best team in the league is. Although it’s probably not the Jets, Ryan has the Jets believing in themselves and backing it up with a smash mouth defense that’s smacking the opposition in the mouth. And a running attack equally nasty.  

I’m a Bucs fan and was at this years game in Raymond James Stadium watching the Jets defense push the hapless Bucs around. Bart Scott brushed WR Kellen Winslow to the side like a rag doll before pummeling rookie QB Josh Freeman. That’s Buddy Ball at its best!

I am curious to see if his team can back-up his big words with a playoff victory in Cincy, against a Bengals team with something equally to prove. Perhaps he can bring the Ryan family coaching legacy the playoff win its never had. Win this one for your pops Rex!

Slammin Sammmy - Guest Sports Writer

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