As I'm watching the Masters, seeing Tiger Woods (who I believe will take home ANOTHER green jacket), I noticed how well-kept the course is. From what friends have told me, Augusta National is only used one time and that's for the golf tournament. Kind of sad. It's like the Cubs playing one game at Wrigley. I think that this course should not go to pot once the winner gets the green. So here's my proposal.

Open the place up to the public (and women!) one weekend a month, charge $35-50 green fees and let the public have a crack at the place. That's right. I said open the place up, Billy Payne! Why not? Golf balls don't give a rat's behind about race, gender, sexual preference, political affliation or religion. A golf ball's only concern is  whether or not you can put a ball in play and keep it there. It would be a dream come true for those that only get to see the course on television.

By opening up the course, you bring in added revenue to not only Augusta National, you also put money in the pockets of those people that work in the restaurants and hotels. Caddies could also get a nice chunk of change, not to mention the manufactuers of golf equipment. I don't know about you but my sticks are just itching to have a go at "Amen Corner."

"To sleep, perchance to dream," Shakespeare once wrote. Augusta National can make this dream come true. I'll bet a sand wedge on it.

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