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  • The Jets defense is for real.  New York held New England without an offensive touchdown in the 16-9 victory. The Jets have yet to concede an opponents offensive touchdown.
  • Hero today, Gone to goat tomorrow.  Jeff Reed, kicker of the game winning field goal a week ago missed two make-able FGs (38 and 43 yards) against the Bears and had to watch as Robbie Gould kicked the 44 yard game winner as the Bears beat the Steelers 17-14.
    Football sun
  • The Lions made a run at it early, but in the end, they could not stay with the Minnesota Vikings and lost 27-13. Brett Favre set the NFL record with his 271st consecutive start.
  • The Dallas Cowboys continue to come up small in the big games.  Romo throws 3 interceptions in the 33-31 loss to the Giants for the inaugural game in the JerryDome.  The Giants are 2-0 in the NFC East.
  • Chris Johnson had a career day with 284 yards from scrimmage and 3 touchdowns but the Texans defeated the Titans anyway, 34-31.
  • The New Orleans offense continues their tear, defeating the McNabb-less Eagles 48-22.
  • Atlanta beat Carolina 28-20.
  • Don't look now but San Francisco is 8-2 over their last ten games.  The latest victory, 23-10 over the Seahawks, knocked Matt Hasselbeck from the game. It's all about changing the culture. Winning is a habit, as is losing.

Want to vent?  Maybe brag a little? Tell me I'm wrong?  The comments are below folks.  Time to talk some NFL football.

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