If we could look into the minds and hearts of sports during Lent, what would some stars give up or resolve to do? It would be pretty interesting and somewhat scary at the same time. So, without further delay, let's get the ashes and sackcloth.

Roger Clemens: I would give up B12 and HGH.

Michael Vick: I would be nicer to dogs.

Bobby Knight: I would stay out of my son's way, not make anymore reality shows for ESPN or wear a zebra shirt on Leno.

Bill Belichick: I would stop spying on the St. Louis Rams.

Oregon: Apologize to Kevin Love.

Michigan football: Never play Appalachian State again. EVER!

Indiana basketball coach Kelvin Sampson: Follow NCAA rules to the letter!

Memphis: Improve my free throw shooting if I want to advance further in the NCAA Tournament.

Atlanta Falcons: To make damn sure my head coach doesn't go back to college!

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