Here we have the Shittsburgh Squeelers one game away from another Super Bowl appearance and of all people making headlines as they prepare for the Ravens is their backup quarterback of all people. Not that this is a distraction by any means... Now, if Big Ben forgot his motorcycle helmet again and was seen riding without one, that, that would be considered a distraction. This is more along the lines of a 5-year old asking his/her parents where babies come from only to get a bull shit answer.

So Leftwich wants to be in Chicago next season, huh? I guess he's tired of his job being to ask Ben how many fingers he's holding up on the sidelines every time he crumbles to the ground, courtesy of either that great offensive line or doing his best David Carr impersonation and holding the ball too freaking long. It goes without saying that it's no secret that any competitor would rather have a starting job, and Leftwich is no different. However, didn't this cat already have two opportunities to do just that... Be a starting quarterback? Okay, so perhaps the whole Falcons situation was less than ideal and wasn't all Leftwich's fault... But one has to wonder, ideal or not, if one can't beat out Joey Harrington and Chris Redman just exactly how good is Byron. True, he showed us flashes while in Jacksonville, 2005 when he compiled an 89.3 rating in his 11 starts, throwing 15 touchdowns and only five picks…But is that cat still around or is he dead?

This reaching out to the Bears intrigues me to say the least since I am a Bear fan... And considering we have dumb and dumber as are signal callers an upgrade is needed and would be surely welcomed! Although, I'm here to say that I'd be absolutely shocked, (Arizona Cardinals one game away from the Super Bowl shocked) to see the Bears brass address any quarterback needs. Rather choosing to say something to the realm of "we are very happy with our quarterbacks!" Yeah, you might be, but you might want to poll the defense and see if they're in the same boat with you on that. Having said that, I don't necessarily think Kyle Orton was the problem this past season. There were worse holes on the team than the quarterback position. Was he inconstant? Sure, but hey... That's Chicago Bears quarterbacks for you! Was the defense inconstant too? You betcha! Did their secondary resemble that of a piece of Swiss cheese... Having holes all over the freaking place? You betcha ass they did!

By bringing in/signing a legitimate starter, at the very least he provides better competition for Orton than Wrecks Grossman, (who incidentally desperately needs a change of scenery at this point, so take that bullshit contract and go back up Aaron Rodgers or Brady Quinn). You're not loosing anything by bringing Leftwich or anybody else aboard... And besides, it's not like BL's not inexperienced, or old. The past two seasons you've had Dumbass #1 and Dumbass #2 in your quarterback stable, (never mind that Dumbass #2 cost you a realistic chance of winning Super Bowl XLI) well in short, this combo doesn’t work! You douches in the front office need to realize this and listen to the words coming out of Byron's cakehole...

I'm a fan of Lovie Smith, I'll just say that. I thought that was where I was going to go in the beginning. I remember hoping that I would go there. I just wanted to be a part of the tradition, the history of the Bears. You're growing up, watching games at Soldier Field on TV, I wanted to be a part of that coming out. I thought there was a chance I would go there." For more on Leftwich.

By not addressing your Pop Warner quarterback situation and not shaking shit up, all you're doing is wasting yet again another formable defense! Aww, funny... That's another thing the Chicago Bears are known for as well. Not only having no quarterbacks, but also wasting away their defenses! Anybody see any sort of correlation here?

Vote on what you think the match up in Super Bowl 43 will be...

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