All the big guys that teams really would want have decided not to wave their trade Clause. I think anyone that is watching Sportsnet today found out why, you'd think a team that is 2nd last in their conference would be practice on the Ice. Not if your the Toronto Maple Leafs. You practice on a beach. But on to Trade talk or lack of so far. This is a Trade deadline i was expecting big things from my leafs. But it looks like JFJ handcuffed us there with these no trade clauses. So far the big trade is Wade Belak for the Panthers 5th Rd pick. The leafs may have to turn around and play Him tomorrow, should be interesting game to see how Wade plays against the leafs. I'm sure I'm like most leaf fans hope there are a few more guys on our team that other teams want and maybe we can get some more young blood in the Blue and White. I did hear a rumor that the Islanders are interested in McCabe, yes he does have a no trade, but he does have some connections with Long Island. His wife is from there and sportsnet reported thats where she is with her family expecting a kid this spring. I guess we all will have to wait and see what happens. I hope some more will happen.

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