While the Hawks and Boston wrap up their series Sunday afternoon to see who gets to play LeBron and the Cavaliers, I am going to look at the other Western Conference semifinal game.

Los Angeles Lakers vs. Utah Jazz. Two of the better teams in the NBA West will face off this Sunday afternoon when a well-rested Los Angeles Lakers take on a Utah team that fought off a tough, gritty Houston Rockets club led by T-Mac (Tracy McGrady). The Kobe Bryant (33 ppg) and Pau Gasol (22 ppg) show gets underway at Staples Center Sunday afternoon. The Lakers have not played since April 28th, so they are rested and ready to go.

Does this sound like I am picking the Lakers? Bet on it. Granted, Utah was better than advertised but they are a bit leg weary. Granted, they are healthy but played a tough series against a Houston team with no Yao. This isn't the Rockets, Utah. You've been screaming "Beat LA!" all weekend long. Can Ronnie Brewer of the Jazz handle Kobe? My money says Brewer's good but he can't handle Kobe.

Both teams have played some exciting basketball in this playoff. The Lakers are chomping at the bit from the long layoff. I did say I was going with the Lakers. Even Jack Nicholson thinks the Lakers have a chance. To put it bluntly, "Utah, YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH or KOBE!" LA took the season series 3-1 and I am taking the Lakers in 6.

As T.O. once said, "Get your popcorn ready!" Laker fans, get ready to celebrate again.

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