Now that Kobe and company have dominated the two best teams in the East, the doubters are quiet. Experts were saying that the Bynum injury might cost the Lakers the championship again this year. But this Lakers team has stepped up and showed you this is not the same team we saw get smacked around the Finals last year. Even without Bynum this team is playing better defense and is still out rebounding their opponents! Craig will breakdown the 3 reasons that will lead this Laker team to win it all!

  1. Kobe is the best player since M.J.: Yes, many want to talk about LeBron James as the next heir apparent, but no one else can back up what Kobe does night in night out with scoring and winning. Think the LeBron fans will agree that Kobe this year has dominated LeBron.
  2. Phil Jackson is greatest coach ever: Move over Red because Phil is going to own all his records. Extra motivation after losing a close series to Boston will have him ready for this years finals rematch. Phil has even got this team to start to play defense, which was their Achilles heel last year!
  3. Bench Play: Youngest bench in the league and most productive without a question. This second unit is a dream come true for Lakers fans to see the effort and defensive pressure that they can bring. Most of these players would start on most other teams around the league. The emergence of Trevor Ariza this year has made this unit very tough to score against.

Not sure which team in the East the Lakers will be playing but not sure that it matters. This L.A. team is focused to not let anyone stop them this year. Kobe will win his fourth championship and prove that he doesn't need Shaq to win it all! Hopefully Bynum will be healthy and the Lakers can sweep the Eastern Conference and really show how good they are!

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