This Brett Favre saga has been going on seemingly as long as a plot line from General Hospital. Is he playing? Is he not? Where will he play. On a personal note, I hope he goes anywhere in the league but to my team, the New York Jets. However, Brett Favre felt he could hold the Green Bay Packers hostage with his indecision and then come back to the Packers and tell them what his role would be. Mike McCarthy, Packers head coach, told him that he was the coach, and that one player would not run the team. Bravo! Kudos to him for that.

The Packers did not want Brett to retire. It is documented that prior to his making his decision, they had discussions about him continuing to play. Brett agonized over the decision, but decided in the end that his time had come to leave the game of football. We all saw his tearful goodbye.

The Packers moved ahead based on that decision. They annointed Aaron Rogers the starting quarterback, and moved ahead in good faith. Then the rumors started. Brett is interested in coming back. Will he come back? As training camp approachecd, the rumors became stronger, Brett was contacting the Packers about coming back. Here is where the trouble began......

Brett thought that once he said he was coming back, all would revert back to the way it was before. Aaron Rogers would just move out of the way, the team would roll out the red carpet, and weclome him back as the starting quarterback, no questions asked. That was not to be. The Packers informed Brett that Rogers would be the starter, and no change would be made. Brett didn't like that. How dare the Packers move forward without him? Then, the Packers softened their stance, they would welcome him back to an "open competition". Yesterday we find out that wasn't good enough for Brett Favre either. Mike McCarthy finally stood up and said that he has a football team to run, either get on the train or get out. That is when Brett Favre ran away like a baby and went home.

Brett Favre needs to grow up. He made a decision and he needs to understand that the team has moved on. This business about "wounds" that have been created is a big load of garbage. If you are still as good as you think you are, go back to Green Bay and earn your job back. Don't walk around like you are God, talking about your legacy, which by the way Brett, has already been tarnished by your actions. And in a world where athletes seemingly run all aspects of their sport, kudos to Mike McCarthy for asserting his role as football coach and setting the rules and standing by them.

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