Kraabi Krabong

The 400 year-old tradition, Krabi Krabong (literally meaning sword staff) is another martial art traditionally practiced in Thailand. As interest in this traditional Thai martial arts has grown outside Thailand, this has influenced a revival of interest within the kingdom.

Krabi Krabong focuses on hand-held weapons techniques. Displays can be seen at festivals and tourist venues throughout Thailand. The King of Thailand’s elite bodyguard is trained in Krabi Krabong.

Krabi Krabong matches are held within a marked circle and, like Muay Thai, they begin with a Wai Kru ceremony (paying respect to one’s teachers) and are accompanied throughout by a frenetic musical ensemble. Muay Thai boxing techniques and throws are employed in conjunction with weapons techniques. In competition sharpened weapons are used, though contestants refrain from actually striking one another. The winner is decided on the basis of stamina and technical skill. We hold occasional seminars in Krabi Krabong weapons techniques at Horizon Thai boxing Camp [1] on Koh Phangan Island in Thailand.

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