If you were anticipating the Kobe vs. LeBron matchup for the finals, keep dreaming. The only way this is going to occur is through your video game consoles.

The Cavs have been out-coached, outmatched, and out-defended. For a team that was number one in defense, where are they? Mike Brown is the 2009 Coach of the Year - for the regular season, not for the playoffs. If Mike comes back to Cleveland with the team, the fans will look to hang him for the screw up. In a town where the only lifeline of hope is residing on a pro basketball team - the fans will want blood. The Cavs fans in Cleveland are in need of a miracle, it isn't going to happen this year. And what about LeBron's contract? If Ferry doesn't get that done this offseason, it will make for a very nervous fan base and a really bad year for '09-'10 season in Cleveland.

As for the Lakers, they are coming across the same problem. Everyone is "going through the motions" and Gasol is finally the first person to stand up and say, "WHAT IS THIS? This is not Lakers basketball." Phil Jackson is going to have to be very careful, as Denver seems to have the same swing passing game as the Magic do. If the Lakers fail to make the finals, is this Phil's last year? Will Kobe want another trade? Going through that again is like waiting for Brett Favre to come out of retirement again - boring.

Wouldn't it be a surprise that David Stern will lose so much in revenue and ratings if Denver & Orlando make it to the finals? Who is really gonna watch that series outside of those 2 markets? Just the ESPN folks will have the unfortunate job of reporting such a low rated finals that they may not even want to watch. His dream matchup of the Lakers vs Cavs would bring in MILLIONS, such a shame. Even if only 1 of them made it, he's still out money just because of a possible sweep.

Let's review some scenerios:

Orlando Magic win the finals: All of southern Florida will rejoice. No one else cares...

Denver Nuggets win the finals: All of America is SHOCKED at what a Cinderella story it is. America loves these in sports. Once the week is over - back to reality, nobody cares.

L.A. Lakers win the finals: No surprise against the Magic - but again, the Lakers are SUPPOSED to win.

Cleveland Cavaliers win the finals: I can't write this scenario because the fairytale is over. 

Mr. David Stern... it's a sad, sad world when things don't go your way.

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