You gotta love Heisman Campaigns…It seemingly has gone from an individual on field award of who’s the best player, to now which athletic department can drum up enough buzz with the best campaign. There’s no doubt Knowshon Moreno doesn’t need anymore pub that he’s already receiving…I mean, the boy is sick with a capital S. But after his 168 yards rushing with 3 TD's performance against Central Michigan on Saturday, Moreno has laid claim to being the frontrunner for the 30 pound paper weight courtesy of this ridiculousness…

[1] Yeah Usain Bolt, where you at bro! That’s just sick, I say….Sick. You trying doing that in pads! Now for peeps out there who aren’t convinced, well that’s where the University of Georgia’s P.R. Department comes into play as you can see here. Look for them to take a page from the Oregon Duck Joey Harrington Heisman Campaign Playbook as they plaster this all over buildings across the nation! Has arguably the potential of being one of the highest selling Fatheads of all time! So go stick that on your wall Lightning Bolt!! BYU, Utah, or East Carolina? Who’s this season BCS Buster? Vote now at! It’s more enjoyable than watching Notre Dame Football!!

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