Ok, so a few weeks late, I give you a woman's view of karma boys! When we last left Cologal, she was complaining about the lack of integrity within the NFL and how the heros have gone by the waste side and what we have left - well not much. In fact, here is some of what I wrote: ====

In other news, Broncos Running Back Travis Henry has nine children by nine different women who are having to take him to court in an attempt to receive the child support they are due. This piece of work has a $100,000 car and has spent $146,000 on jewelry, and claims he has no money after getting more than $22 million from the Broncos. Good pick Shanahan - has a sudden and impactive blow to your head rendered you delirious in your thinking? Do you see black and silver on the field? Do you think the people of Denver are willing to accept the Raider level of trash you are trying to force down our throats? IDIOT! Oh and by the way, Jay Cutler has really impacted the performance of our dear team - you were right in cutting Plummer for this 12 yr old who cannot get the ball past his own 50 yard line. Good freaking call!

Now it is time to applaud Tom Brady and Matt Leinert who so graciously made it to the hospital in time to see their ex-girlfriends deliver their children and then jet back to their locker rooms for congrats all around. Well done boys.

Well, well, well - wouldn't you know it, one year later and all three of these tools are suffering the consequences of pissing off Mama Karma. Brady with his injury, Leinert's sitting on his ass thanks to Kurt Warner and some compromising beer bong/hot tub pictures while "rehabing", and Henry is about to become someone's bitch in the Federal Prison system after being busted for posession with the intent to distribute cocaine.  Shout out to the US DEA - but I didn't get you anything! ====


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