Kansas State coach Frank Martin said Tuesday that two of his players misinterpreted comments he made Saturday during the No. 22 Wildcats' 82-61 victory against Oklahoma State. Martin said the players gave an inaccurate depiction of the remarks, and the coach apologized.   In a story in Sunday's Kansas City Star, star Michael Beasley said, "Coach jumped on us, said we have got to stop playing like girls." Added guard Jacob Pullen, "He didn't use the word girls."   In a joint statement with athletics director Tim Weiser, Martin said, "Two of my players misinterpreted my halftime comments to the team and inaccurately related those remarks to the media during a postgame news conference. I did not, nor would I ever, use any language that would be considered derogatory towards women or minorities.   "As a minority myself, I would be insulted by anyone who referred to any group in an insensitive manner." Martin is of Cuban descent.   At least two women, Andrea Wickerham, vice president of the National Center for Drug Free Sport, and Title IX expert Janet M. Justus, said they had asked the school to look into the remarks.

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