Lets get the easy one's out of the way:

Green Bay over Seattle - just becasue Matt will open his mouth again. Brett is pushing this as his last hurah & I think will do it. Plus, if an upset is at hand in the other game, the Packers are hosting 2 games on the way to the Superbowl.

NYG @ DALLAS - notice I haven't picked a winner here. 2 reasons why. 1) NYG are on a small roll here and the interesting play against the NE Patriots was impressive. With Dallas on the bye week - (reason #2) Romeo err- Romo has been in the Carribean with Jessica Simpson.....we all know what happened last time he got to tag her - he lost the game. If this happens the Giants goto Green Bay, if not the Packers are done due to visiting Dallas again.

SD over Indy - yep. Its gonna happen again. No Manning magic here either. No Marvin STILL will prove to be too much as SD defense will obliterate Indy again.

Jags @ NE  - again not gonna pick one. NE did spank Jags early in the season, but Garrard was still getting his feet wet. If the Jags play the WHOLE game like they did in the first half of the Steelers game, NE is in for a rude wake up call. However, on the flip side, all of the pressure is on NE not to lose, if they do the 16-0 means NOTHING!!! The Dolphins will still be celebrating!!!!

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