Here we go again – the Brett Favre soap opera, will he or won’t he? Brett do all of us and the NFL a favor – STAY HOME! For the past 6 years we have been watching the same movie over and over again. I don’t know about all of you, but I want to see a NEW movie – it has Favre in a yellow jacket. But the fool needs to just say “no” to get there. Its not like he won’t be a first year ballot winner. All of this drama can be done without – its just placing Brett in a dark light and people won’t care weather he is or isn’t going to play again after the next season. This year I think will do it – IF Brett comes back – he will lose fan respect. I know a woman who is a HUGE fan and she even said she’s tired of him. That is pretty bad and sad.

Now onto the “Mangenius”! What is the problem with Randy Lerner? Who said time was running out to buy a new coach? Let’s see – I can name a few coaches that I would take over Mangini.

  • Let’s start with Shanahan – long term coach, a few Superbowls and consistant playoff entries.  
  • Brian Billick – another one with a Superbowl under his belt and a good defense.
  • Even Marty the San Diego Shooter – multiple playoff entries….so what if he didn’t make it beyond, but at least made it!

As a Browns fan, I am disappointed in the Ownership and the rush job that they did. Especially when the GM was supposed to be the FIRST thing Lerner was going to establish. Once again, the Browns will have 4 more years – of disappointment – MOM SELL THE DAM SEATS ALREADY!!!

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