From: The Sports Point

Former NBA point guard Kevin Johnson announced Wednesday that he will be running for mayor of Sacramento. His priorities are to create a strong economy and put more police on the streets in the capital city. In his statement where he announced his intentions to run for mayor, Johnson had this to say,

> "After weeks of soul-searching, I've come to the unequivocal conclusion that I have to do this because we need change in this city, and we need it now. I am here today to announce my candidacy for mayor of Sacramento because I believe I can lead this change, and together we can spark this change throughout the city," Johnson said in a statement.

His major competition in the mayoral race is the incumbent, 55 year old Heather Fargo. While we know nothing about Fargo we do know that Sacramento is a basketball crazed town. Who better to lead a hoops hotbed then a point guard?

On a side note it is crazy to think that KJ is 42. We remember when he and Charles Barkley were giving the Bulls all they could handle in the '93 NBA Finals.

Johnson: More police, stronger economy needed (KRCA 3 News)

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