The New York Mets couldn't defeat the Baltimore Orioles and Mets closer Francisco Rodriguez blew his second save on the season. The Mets lost a heart breaker, 5
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"It was awful. I didn't get the job done," Rodriguez said. "I'm a human being. Unfortunately, days like this are going to happen. It happened to me and I've just got to move on."

Mets manager, Jerry Manuel, was surprised because he understood that Rodriguez wasn going to be perfect throughout the season.

"You know at some point that he's not going to be perfect," Manuel said. "He's been able to walk that tightrope here occasionally, but he's been able to get it done. Tonight, it just didn't happen his way."

Rodriguez allowed two earned runs in the ninth inning, which gave the Orioles the victory.

Giants full back pitcher Livan Hernandez pitched seven innings, allowed two earned runs and had four strike outs.

Shortstop Alex Cora had two runs with two hits. First baseman Daniel Murphy had one run with one hit. Center fielder Carlos Beltran had one run with two hits.

Aubrey Huff, the Orioles' designated hitter, felt the Mets had the momentum on their side during the game. "You felt the momentum shift to them when I hit the line drive that Castillo caught," Huff said. "I just tried to stay as calm as possible after that. To come up there in that situation again, to deliver was really nice."

Matt Wieters (catcher), Felix Pie (pinch hitter), Nolan Reimold (pinch hitter), Robert Andino (shortstop), and Huff, all had one run each.

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