I'm extremely happy we got Johan Santana, but I don't think we are done yet. This idea that we are going to win now with him is something I don't buy. I think the Mets have an awful bullpen that hasn't been addressed. I think with the exception of Billy Wagner and Scott Schoenweis, everybody should be up for grabs. In other words, get rid of them, all of them were awful. Also, we don't know what we are going to get with Jose Reyes. Will he be the guy from 2006 or the guy who stunk in September of last year? Will Carlos Delgado have a big year or will he be awful? If those two guys play lousy, this year we are done. Those are two guys who are key in our lineup. If they don't produce, we might not be able to produce. I'm happy we got Santana but what about the pitching? Besides Santana, who should be great? We have Pedro Martinez, who was hurt. We have John Maine, who we don't know how consistent he is, Oliver Perez, who was up and down all year and who imploded against the Marlins in the final Friday of the regular season, and there is El Duque, who is 72 years old. I think we still have issues to address. Getting Santana is a hell of a start but we need more.

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