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For $49.95 you can watch the comeback of Roy Jones Jr when he takes on Felix Trinidad Saturday night on pay-per-view. The fight will take place in Madison Square Garden, right in the heart of New York City.

Some people may care to watch whereas others will not. One thing is for certain Roy Jones Jr is back in the spotlight again.

Over the last three years Jones (51-4, 38 KOs) has been in boxing hibernation. He fought in out-of-the-way places (Boise, Idaho and Biloxi, Mississippi) He fought and won 12 round decisions over obscure opponents Prince Badi Ajamu in 2006 and Anthony Hanshaw on July 14th 2007.

Now that Felix Trinidad (42-2, 35 KOs) a former world champion at 147,154 and 160 pounds got his wish to fight him, the world gets a chance to see the flair, skill and charisma that once made Jones a world champion in four weight divisions as well as the pound-for-pound king of boxing.

Let us not forget that Jones still has the reflexes, hand speed, toughness, footwork and craftiness to outwit and knock out Trinidad. Jones promised to do it in four rounds, which he can achieve if he is psyched up to do it. Many doubt this and say Jones has lost his edge after suffering back-to-back KO losses to Antonio Tarver and Glen Johnson. They are right; however, it should be pointed out that it was Tarver's rugged crowding style that perplexed Jones, not his skill or wit. Glen Johnson just got a lucky punch in like James Buster-Douglas did to Mike Tyson in 1991.

Outside of Tarver nobody has been able to figure Jones out whereas Winky Wright, Oscar De-la-Hoya and Bernard Hopkins have all figured out Trinidad. In case anyone forgot Wright was successful with his jab, Hopkins was successful with his rough style and De-la-Hoya was successful with his aggressive boxing movement. Provided Jones does not get drained (he went from 188 to 170 pounds for this fight), he should be able to finish Trinidad off before the 12th round in his own unique way.

Jones has a new desire and sense of purpose. He has become a fighter that eats, sleeps and breathes boxing.

After the Trinidad fight Jones wants to get down to 168 and fight Joe Calzaghe, the super middleweight king, who has cracked the top 10 pound-for-pound best boxer list. He will even go to the lengths of fighting Calazaghe outside the United States, a new terrain for Jones.

With a new sense of willpower, self-discipline and heart, Jones is going to be an effective fixture in prime-time boxing. He will be so effective he will become a world champion again if the opportunity presents itself.

If all the Jones predictions are wrong at least Jones will bask his glory in the boxing hall of fame.

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