I know that he is projected to be the #1 overall pick and all, but he should atleast stick around for one more season.  I mean look at all of the talent on Kentucky's starting squad!  With Demarcus Cousins as a First Team All-America Forward and Patrick Patterson and himself as freshmen, they should totally dominate next season with a little bit more experience.  Most of the players that have just been a one and done player turned out atleast okay with the exception of Durant and Carmelo.  The one thing practically all of these players have in common is that they wish they could have done it all over again and stayed through their senior year.  In my opinion all of Kentucky's freshmen should stay until they graduate.  There are quite a few outcomes to this too;if Wall leaves and then everyone else stays (except for the seniors) and go on to win the title next year, he'll be really PO'd unless he turns the team he's drafted by around and takes 'em to the Finals and wins it all in the NBA. There are endless possibilities to what could happen, but I believe it will not be worth him skipping out on the rest of his college career to be picked by a bad team.

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