John Daly Playing Golf Shirtless and Shoeless
John daily m

Is this that big of a deal? How many times have you been on a golf course and wanted to take your shirt off? Don't tell me if you owned your own golf course that you wouldn't take your shirt off every now and then. If you watch the entire video clip of the interview you can tell he is not crazy or anything, just being comfortable on his course. Leave JD alone and let him be himself. I think he is a great person and has a decent game. I guarantee you that if Tiger Woods was not at the course and John Daly was you would be following him around and enjoying yourself as a spectator. I had the opportunity to do just that at Firestone (Akron, Ohio) Tiger was also there, but I enjoyed watching JD a lot more. He interacts with you and plays just like a lot of us except a lot farther down the fairway. Don't get me wrong Tiger is great to follow around and he will interact with the fans every now and then, but if you ever get a chance to follow Daly around the golf course, do it!

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