From: The Sports Point

John Daly emerged from the hospitality tent today with a new caddy after a 2 plus hour rain delay at the PODS Championship in Tampa. As Daly trudged up the 18th fairway the chant of his name came from the crowd. It turns out the chant was for Daly's new caddy, Tampa Bay Bucs head coach Jon Gruden.

Gruden was Daly's caddy for seven holes before the round was suspended by darkness. The two reportedly hatched the plan in the hospitality tent off the 11th hole during the rain delay putting Daly's regular caddy, Peter Van Der Reit, out of a job for the afternoon.

We imagine that Jon Gruden was the most intense guy ever to walk on a golf course outside of Tiger Woods. We can picture Gruden having the following inspiring words to Daly while they were on the course,

  • "C'mon John that back swing needs to come up farther god damn it, you know that."
  • "Your givin' holes away John, just givin' them away. Pretty soon you will be back in Q school givin' holes away there to."
  • "That approach shot was absolute crap, we worked on that all practice yesterday, and still crap."
  • "Execution John, execution (gives Chucky face) its the same f'in thing all the time with your fat ass. Keyshawn listened to me more then you do."

Daly runs into Gruden during rain delay, asks him to be caddy (ESPN)

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