From All on the Field sports blog: Jim Mora Jr. likes Seattle a lot. Now that he's being named as Mike Holmgren's successor, it looks like he'll get to stay awhile.

Perhaps you recall the flak in 2006 when Mora, then head-coach of the Atlanta Falcons, went on air to say that he would take a job at the University of Washington (his alma mater) in a heartbeat.

"But if [Ty Willingham] decides at some point that he's ready to move on and they want me, I will be there. I don't care if we're in the middle of a playoff run, I'm packing my stuff and coming back to Seattle."

Yikes! He quickly retracted, of course, and said he was kidding. But at the completion of a disappointing 7-9 season ("disappointing" is so relative, isn't it?), the Falcons fired Mora. And they weren't kidding.

Fulfilling his own prophetic words, Mora indeed packed his stuff and came home to Seattle, as an assistant for the Seahawks. He managed to keep his mouth shut for a season -- but for that matter, what Seattle fan can complain about his undying allegiances to Washington? -- and now Mora finds himself in the right place at the right time.

It's not the UW, but a five year deal to coach the Seahawks (starting in '09) isn't a bad consolation prize.

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