The Jets have had a quite offseason so far, but as reported yesterday on, the Jets released 3 players yesterday, WR Justin McCareins, CB Andre Dyson and G Adrien Clarke.

The biggest name of the 3 is McCareins, acquired from the Titans in 2004. In 4 seasons with the Jets, McCareins totaled 141 reception, for 2,062 yards and 7 TDs, but sealed his fate by dropping too many passes last season, including the potential tying TD against the Ravens week 2, and another TD against the Patriots late in the season.

Andre Dyson totalted 5 interceptions in 2 seasons with the Jets.

Adrien Clarke signed with the Jets on Jan 22, 2007, and started 14 games last season, and sealed his fate in New England, when Richard Seymour blew past him to hit Kellen Clemens in the end zone, taking Clemens out of that game and missing his next start.

In other news, Jonathan Vilma, as expected, has been given permission to seek a trade. This is not unexpected, as it became clear last season that he did not fit into Coach Mangini's 3-4 system. However, he has has been allowed to seek a trade with all teams except one.....any guesses? That's right, New England. Just another way to stick the needle into the Jets-Pats rivalry I guess......

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