It's one thing to cry about your role on a team that is contending to win the Super Bowl. It's quite another to cry about a role on the defending Super Bowl Champions especially considering the fact that he did not play because he was hurt. But Alas, the crybaby Jeremy Shockey continues to defy reason. He claims that he is concerned about what role he would have with the team considering that they won the whole kit and caboodle without him. Plus, he is bitter towards the front office over reports that he was being offered to the New Orleans Saints.

What Jeremy Shockey does not seem to comprehend is that his diva-type attitude with a heavy dose of me, me, me and me thrown in was a team cancer. It was a team cancer that buried the Giants in 2005 and 2006.

It is a team cancer that DOES NOT NEED TO REAR IT'S UGLY HEAD AGAIN.

The main reason why the Giants hoisted the Lombardi Trophy was not just merely because of addition but because of subtraction. Along with the addition of a Steve Smith, Ahmad Bradshaw and Kevin Boss came the eventual subtraction of the selfish and divisive behavior that has killed this team in the past. Jeremy Shockey is still living in 2006, still with the bitching, moaning, whining and groaning in hopes that gullible teammates and coaches will take him seriously. This is the equivalent of a poor soul that still owns Windows 98. Still living in the past. Well, it's time to catch up to the present. This is not the team you once knew. This team that used to accept your behavior and turn a blind eye is not the team you once knew.

I'll aim to get to the heart of what Jeremy Shockey is really pissed about. He used to have the permission to snap at Eli Manning while he was earning his stripes. He used to have the right to push his me, me, me attitude in Eli's face. But Eli Manning has led his team to the Promised Land, won a Super Bowl MVP and is living life like it's golden. {He is getting married in Mexico this weekend} The bottom line is that this is now Eli's team and Jeremy Shockey will have no choice but to be a good soldier and stand in line.

And he is having a huge internal problem with it.

I would love to have Jeremy Shockey on this team in 2008. With the Giants going from the hunter to the role of the hunted, every opponent will circle this team on the schedule and bring their A game. Jeremy Shockey still has an opportunity to find a role on this team, keep his mouth shut and give Eli Manning, his teammates and coach the respect they deserve. If he does, then it's all gravy. If not...

Exit stage left.

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