Jeff Fisher’s thoughts on gaffe of a possible delay of game non-call in stride after Saturday night's playoff loss to Baltimore, was less charitable on Sunday.

"I've always maintained that there's a human element in the game as far as officiating is concerned. [They're] going to make mistakes; it is part of our game," Fisher said, according to The Tennessean. "But this particular mistake was unacceptable. There is no excuse for it, it was a mistake, and it was a costly mistake." "It was not the reason we lost the game, but it was a mistake, an error." "I have seen them close," he said. "But not this much delay." Jeff, look on the bright side bud…Ed Hochuli was no where to be found! My guess go ole Ed was some where on the bench press, doing three sets of 10 reps at 225 pounds. Rather his partner in crime Terry McAuley drove that "Titan Sword" up your ass in saying there’s a "natural delay" when the back judge looks from the play clock to the center to see if the ball is snapped.

My only question here is, um, lets just say if it was the Ravens who got the pigskin shoved up their asses by McAuley and company, would Fisher still have his Calvin Kleins in a bunch and still think it was "so unacceptable".

Hmm…I just have a feeling the Honky Tonk tune in Nashville would be a little different…Then again, I don’t know much!


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