Manny Stiles Dunks.

After last year's Manny Stiles Dunks commercial, there was much speculation whether Dr Commento could really throw down or not. Let's see Dwight Howard and Gerald Green try some of these!@!!

So I've been sick for the last several days with bronchitis and have been slow to edit and post this; otherwise...

Yet Another... Beats By Man Production.

After seeing the dunk contest on Saturday night, I took to the local park on Monday camera in tow. Unfortunately some of the camera angles suck and the editing is poor, so it's everything you've come to love from Manny Stiles' videos!!! I recorded some of my spectacular dunks and set it to the musical stylings of my good friend Willie "Blisterthumb" Jones' song Jammy Jam (All Night Long).

Yes, the rim is 10 feet (10'1", and double rimmed, to be exact) and the court surface is hard like concrete and absolutely sucks to jump from and I still feel some pain in my feet and knees - 4 days later!!! Yikes. There are several dunks that were edited out due to bad camerawork, etc. or this would be truly mindblowing... Maybe there's gonna be a part 2 in the future?

Enjoy as needed.

  • Blisterthumb Jones is another vital cog in the BBM stable of musical artists and performers. He appears courtesy of Madeyedias Entertainment.

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