I’m kind of late on this news, but I’m yet to see an article on it so I’ll right about it.  On Thursday the Cleveland Indians announced that Jacobs Field, named for former owner Dick Jacobs was bought and will be re-named.  Progressive Auto Insurance purchased the naming rights to field.  They will pay 3.6 million every year for 16 years to call the Jake Progressive Field.  They also have announced that they will raise ticket prices.  Now I personally believe the Indians are doing all this so they’ll have the 30 million or so it will take to replace Cy Young winner C.C. Sabathia (wow it still feels good saying that.)  But still, you hate to see a great part of Cleveland sports die out.  The Jake is a part of Cleveland, we have played a World Series there, what can we call it now the Progg?  Well to me its still the Jake, no matter what the sign says.  What if they re-named Fenway or Wrigley? Well to us Tribe fans it’s the same thing.  But the sad part is commercialism is taking over the game, and were just going to have to get used to it.

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