After so much of "getting away with murder" in professional sports, it seems that FINALLY someone has been caught! Donte Stallworth, after pleading guilty to DUI manslaughter charges - has been suspended from the NFL INDEFINITELY! Roger Godell is the first one to finally step up and so NO MORE! He is laying down the law. Pacman Jones, Tank Johnson, Mike Vick, Matt Jones - It took a 5th man to finally say "enough is enough". I am pleased to see this. Pro Athletes are getting away with too much: DUI, smoking pot, drug usage - if it was any regular joe, they'd be in prison for a LONG time. Instead these pro athletes get off free because they're popular. I didn't know a popularity contest could keep you out of prison. I need to try that, see if it works - NOT!

Our criminal justice system may have only given Stallworth a 30 day jail sentence (another joke) - but Roger, I'm glad to see gave him a REAL punishment that will last an eternity. Sad to say, the CFL may give him a shot - why not, look what it did for Ricky Williams.

Until next time...

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