Unless you have been under a rock this past month, you have heard of the media circus regarding No. 1 High School recruit Terrelle Pryor.  He chose not to make a decision on Exploition Day National Signing Day and has since basked in his own hype, leaving little hints for the media to bite on.  In the end, he surely made it climatic as he left it between The Ohio State University and the University of Michigan, whom I've heard aren't too fond of one another.  So does he go with new Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez and the spread offense similar to the one he has played in his high school career or does he go with the perennial BCS contenders.  While it leaked that he had told family he was going to OSU weeks ago, everyone went to his press conference eager to find out before we start caring about March Madness and the MLB.

So Pryor is a Buck and now the Wolverine fans who called him the next big thing, are calling him a bigger bust than Pam Anderson in her prime. He will likely not start next season unless JIm Tressell finally decides to switch it up a little bit and maybe employ a 2 QB system, much like Florida did in 2006 and Virginia Tech did in 2007.   He has character issues, tends to run more than pass, and has an ego larger than Barry Bonds head. Safe to say, if he isnt a Heisman candidate his sophomore year the media ought to have a field day with him.

Personally, I thought he would fit better at Michigan but can't knock him for going for the team with the rings the BCS favoritism. So now that we got that mess out of the way let the madness begin....GO Tar Heels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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