Cue the Kanye--It's Amazing, We're the reason, everybody fired up this evening...

How does Manny Ramirez, currently on the Dodgers, testing positive for PEDs affect me? Well, besides sparing me from the hype that is Brett Favre, it means about as much to me as an ex-girlfriend's sex life. I don't give a damn.

1)PED is not steroids
2)The entire sport is tainted
3)There is NO proof he was on anything during his time on the Sox

I'm not gonna be oblivious to say it was probably just weed or viagra, but if you think that Manny was never tested from 2003 until now you are about as simple as he is. Sure, MLB is nowhere near its expected efficiency, but 6 years without a single positive until now. Something isn't right.

But what's hilarious is how everyone again resorts to their shift+8 to make themselves feel better about their inferior sports teams. I witnessed the Renteria groundout and the Seth Smith strikeout. I went to the parade, and I got pictures with the trophy again.

Cue the Kanye-- and noooo matter what you'll never take that from me.

Instead of worrying about AGAIN trying to hate on Boston, why not look at what this really means?

1)The #1 team in baseball is without their #1 player for 50 games.
2)The NL West is more open than Audrina on The Hills (and I believe that makes my 500th metaphor... not really, but I have a lot under my belt). 3)People will want more people under the bus.

As for what I think, I think he probably was on steroids as was 85% of the MLB, and this test is only a foot in the door. So like A-Rod's admission brought about 300 more claims, this positive which wasn't for steroids will bring the whole house down on Manny; just watch. I can see it now: a former teammate admitting they saw Manny take something in Cleveland. Then a book will come out. Of course, Manny will never admit it, and then he will be found guilty of taking steroids a couple years ago, indictment... all in all a HUGE mess for Manny, Boras and the MLB.

As for RSN, we will laugh it off. The Red Sox dodged a HUGE bullet by letting Manny go, imagine had they kept him and the Sox won last year becoming somewhat of a dynasty. Then again, the Red Sox are catching hell anyway because it's Boston, much like the Yankees are catching flack for something A-Rod did in Texas. It's amazing how everyone complains how the media act like the world is revolving around Boston and New York and the two biggest scandals to hit Texas and L.A. are reverted back to Yankees-Sox. As for the MLB trying to save face... again.

Cue the Kanye--It's a problem... that'll never ever be solved...

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