The Red Wings will end the Penguins attempt to knock them off as champions tonight.  They have made a great attempt but the Red Wings have the stuff to take the home ice advantage away from a team that still needs a little more experience to win.  This happens to many teams in the NHL who go on to become very successful teams but the difference is the defence on the Wings blue line will hold up tonight.

Malkin and Crosby will be the 1 & 2 in the scoring race but it will not be enough to get them past the Wings.

I think that Zetterberg has a chance to win the MVP if he does a good job on the Pens big guys tonight.

The game has just ended and the Pens proved me wrong. It will be great to see a game 7 on Friday night. It does not matter who wins but as long as it is a good game I will be happy....

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