It Can't Be That Hard To Put Together An NFL Team...Can It?

Is it really that hard to turn around a football team? Look at how many teams have been doormats for years now; The Niners, Lions, Texans, Cardinals, Dolphins, Raiders and so on. I understand rebuilding and the need for it. But a five year rebuilding project? That shouldn't happen.

The Ravens are a perfect example of a team that needed to rebuild. They've had a bunch of aging stars for years now, but a nucleus good enough to compete for a championship. Why would they tear it down when they can still win?

Well they clearly paid the price for that line of thinking this year.

Here's what I don't get. Why is it that Bill Parcells can come in and and right a ship in two, three years at most, and yet many of the aforementioned teams haven't righted the ship in the better part of a decade?

Is he really just that much smarter than everyone else? I find that hard to believe.

This is a bold statement but I've made it before, I feel like I could go in and turn around a team quicker than some of these GM's.

That's my dream job, some people dream of being president or a musician, I dream of being an NFL GM and sleeping in my office.

Dolphin fans should be thrilled to have the Big Tuna aboard.

Can it really be that hard to run an NFL team?

Here's some mistakes you can expect your favorite NFL team this off season and how I would solve them.


The QB Situation is terrible league wide. If you don't have one of the big stars your sunk. The need is so much greater than the supply and that's what's causing there to be so many busts.

It would be a terrible mistake to go with a young QB this year. If you go back to 2005 and look at the Draft, Alex Smith went first and Aaron Rodgers went 24th. Remember it was never clear cut who the better QB was. Smith got pushed up the board because the Niners needed a "franchise QB." Well...I'm pretty sure you know how this story ends.

Tbe same thing is going to happen this year with Ryan, Brohm, and Woodson. I doubt any of these QB's fall past the 15th pick. Too many teams need QB's, the Falcons, Bears, and Ravens come to mind as potential homes for said QB's.

All I see with these QB's is disaster and bust. There not worth what there going to cost.


1) Kick the tires on veterans.

Why not?

Pop quiz who gives you a better chance to win for next 4 years. Donovan McNabb or Matt Ryan?

For a team close to contending like the Ravens, Vikings or Bears trading for McNabbb makes perfect sense. So what if it costs a first rounder? Wouldn't you rather go for a sure thing than a guy who could be the next Ryan Leaf?

Besides McNabb here's some other intriguing veteran options

Chad Pennington: Laugh now, but for a 4th rounder who many more wins do you think Minny would have right now.

Billy Volek: Currently backing up Philip Rivers. Still only 31 years old and has shown flashes, like in 2004 with the Titans.

Brian Griese: Clearly needs a change of scenery. Seems like he's been on the verge of breaking out his whole career. Still only 32 years old and had some very good games this year.

Other intriguing guys; Quinn Gray, Rex Grossman, Kurt Warner, JP Losman, Sage Rosenfels, Damon Huard, Josh McCown, Kerry Collins and Shaun Hill.

Call me crazy but remember before Tony Romo was Tony Romo and Matt Hasselbeck was Matt Hasselbeck you'd probably find them on a list similar to this.

2) Do NOT trade for Derek Anderson.

It's ironic because I like Derek Anderson yet I'm saying not to trade for him.

Here's why.

He's got the size, the arm, and he has proved himself at the next level. Some may think he's established himself as a franchise QB type. I disagree, strongly. In Cleveland he has, a great offensive line, a tight end who can dominate and cause mismatches everywhere, a legit number one WR, with Randy Moss like play making skills and a solid running game.

He's able to air it out and let his guys make plays. What's been lost in his magical season is his accuracy only 56.6%. I think he's great in Cleveland, and he'll be great as long as he's on a team that has a vertical passing game with weapons. If you take that away from him he falls back to earth.

3) Yawn...Sleep(in!)

There's a reason QB's that are drafted in the 6th and 7th round succeeded. Once is a anomaly but look at all the starless college prospects currently tearing it up in the NFL. Romo, Warner, Garcia, Brady, Anderson, Garrad and so on. These guys exist it's just a matter of finding them.


So the QB's suck. Let's just draft Darren McFadden and we'll make the playoffs no matter who starts at QB. Hey! It worked for the Vikings!


The NFL is a copy cat league. Always has been always will be. Any team trying to carbon copy Minnesota except by replacing A-Pete with RUN DMC is going to have a world of trouble.

What came first the running back or the offensive line?

Is it really as much A-Pete as it is Bryant McKinnie and Steve Hutchinson (personal man crush)?

Look at how much sucess Chester Taylor had running behind that offensive line. I feel like while A-Pete is a rare, rare talent, but any decent RB can succeed as long as the offensive line around him is dominant. Look at the cast of misfits the Broncos trot out every year. Look at the sucess Brandon Jacobs, and now Ahmad Bradshaw have had in New York.

This is a gem of Parcells wisdom. He never ever drafts RB early. Remember in Dallas he passed on Steven Jackson and Kevin Jones, instead he ended up with Marion Barber and Julius Jones and a significantly less steep cost.

Run DMC is going to be good. But you can't expect him to single handly turn around a team the way Adrian Peterson did.

So what would I do if I was El Grande Tuna?

I would trade down as much as possible. Many teams are leery of trading up now but Run DMC should be worth a bounty.

I would spread a great deal of time evaluating Jake Long. If the scouts believe he can be a franchise left tackle (ala Joe Thomas) I would snap him up.

I would then sign in free agency Alan Faneca.

All of a sudden the Dolphins line looks a whole lot different and a whole lot better.

Long, Faneca, Samson Satele ( a promsing center drafted last year), Vernon Carey (a former first rounder who's had to play out of position and LJ Shelton.

If Ronnie Brown could succeed behind a junk O-Line imagine what he could do with real talent in front of him. (assuming he came back healthy)

At QB I would trade for one of my aforementioned veterans. I think Billy Volek intrigues me the most.

So all of a sudden the Dolphins have some semblance on a nucleus on offense. They have an extra 2nd rounder from Chargers (acquired in the Chris Chambers trade) and were also assuming they have some extra picks from trading down.

With these picks you can rebuild and aging defense as well as adding some depth at WR. After cutting overpriced veterans you might be able to add another impact free agent like Terrell Suggs.

All of a sudden a one win team because a 7 win team, with a bright future as opposed to no future.

Someone hire

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