Baseball is America's summer sport with few exceptions anywhere. But it remains a very imbalanced thing because of the lack of a hard salary cap, which allows some teams to literally buy titles, like Boston, while the Kansas Citys of the world are left wanting. Forget the DH and batting pitchers. We need two leagues built around the incredible inequality of cash.

Lets have a hard $90 million cap league for all the normal cities, who then can fairly compete with one another. Then, you can put all the cash sluts against each other in their own Mega-League. That way, no one's intelligence is insulted. Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Milwaukee, Kansas City and other similar cities can play each other and have their own Series, while the Steroid monsters and $15 million prostitutes on the coastlines also have their own Series.

Either that, or something needs to be done to bring everyone in line. The current status of the game is ridiculous. 

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