Is Eric Bedard really the third best fantasy pitcher this season? A week ago, maybe but a sudden trade to a weaker division that also has a superior infield defense and a better overall pitcher’s park has made him the number 3 for SP’s.

Last season Bedard managed a 3.17 ERA with GB/FB ratio of 1.5/1. That era is very impressive considering he had below average defense behind him everywhere except second. The other big factor for Bedard’s success last season was the further development of his curve. The pitch paralyzed both rightes and lefties equally and also made it impossible to sit on his 92-94 four seamer. He also mixes in a change and cutter he throws effectively in on rightes.

Health has been a concern for Bedard in the past, so some caution is recommended, but be mindful as an owner. Pitchers simply do not throw 240+ innings anymore, most come in right around 200 and Bedard did manage 180+ the last two seasons. More importantly he was shut down for an oblique, not an elbow or shoulder. So while he may not get you 215 innings he will flat out dominate for 180-190.

My Projection:


Bedard will help in pretty much any fantasy format for the fact that not only he punches out a ton of guys, he also has a superior whip. This is what separates him from the rest of tier two (Kazmir, Verlander) and catapult’s him to tier 1, despite the injury questions. 2.92/16w/212K/1.07 in 190in

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