Everybody else is. In a recent article posted on Yahoo Sports, some of the decisions by the Team USA coaching, training, and management staff have come into question and rightly so!

Is Davey Johnson or perhaps we should call him, Davey Jones, really looking to sink USA's hopes by refusing to get help for his injury riddled roster? Say it ain't so? The article points out this could be a ruse to try to keep who they will call on a bit of a secret, let's hope.

-- Begin Tirade

I am just a fan, but I take pride in the WBC, I think it is absolutely fantastic and think we all need to get behind it so that ESPN will air all the games they originally commit to instead of preempting it for College Basketball. Nothing against College Hoops, but I want my baseball and am not fortunate enough to have the MLB Network.

My final comment is that for basketball, hockey, tennis, bowling, Nascar, Golf, and football fans, which may include many of us, ESPN is probably a fine choice for sports.

Deep breath. Ok, I guess I just wish I had MLBN, I am glad to see MLB taking nationally televising baseball games into their own hands. GO MLB for that!

-- End Tirade

Back to WBC.In any case here is a link so you can check it out yourself - article.

I want to see America at least try to win this thing (I believe the players on the field are trying, just that the management is being too tentative its efforts to support them). I do enjoy seeing how baseball has grown internationally and enjoy seeing the other countries compete and play good baseball. But honestly? How disrespectful is it to America, to the game and its fans, and to those other countries if America doesn't even try to win? And for what? To protect some high dollar contracts and big money players from getting injured doing the thing they are supposed to love and the rest of us would kill to be able to do? That is, play baseball for a living? I mean any kind of living, not necessarily multiple millions of dollars? These guys do get paid something for the WBC by the way, even if its is nothing huge by comparison.

Again I have no problem with the business that is baseball... but America should be baseball first and business later. Time to grow up! America needs to rediscover its love of innovation so that we might reap the benefits of bringing new technology and solutions to the entire world for a better life for all. Sports are an international peace offering in a world that is generally torn apart by war. The WBC maybe small, but like the Olympics and the other World Cups whose footsteps it follows, it is important and significant. America is a world leader and part of that includes putting up an honorable effort on the sports arenas we create, even if that means losing with honor. Having to forfeit because of contract issues or fear of injuries to a major leaguer is disshonoable, selfish and stupid. If it happens it will be a bigger embarrassment than Team USA accomplished in Olympic Basketball a couple of Olympic games ago when they couldn't cut through all the showboating to make their talent equal to superior fundamentals in a generally simple game. It doesn't matter who they get out there, they can be minor leaguers too for all it really matters, we only want who wants to play. But if they don't replace their injured roster players, it won't be because they couldn't find two people willing to play and try to win. Get DLee on the field and Longoria and whoever else is available and lets win this thing!



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