I start with that stated title because I having just returned to the United States from overseas for Christmas, can't believe that Mark McGwire admitted that he had taken drugs.  His crying the first time he said that he had never taken drugs after Jose had written he had, are as big a line of BS or as my father would have said , "A crock of Cow dung", as then are now.  I must say I am sorry for writing something like this but that whole story stinks of crap.  He sounds like a fool who didn't listen to his lawyers the first time and now decides to listen and repeat what they told him to say years before. 

Mark is truly one of the nicest guys around and is a very good father, but he must be crazy guilty or crazy out of his mind. And all this talking between he and LaRussa about Jose C. doesn't make any sense to me at all.  Maybe LaRussa had better look at his star players today because if you go and look at some of the pictures of them in high school, it makes you wonder maybe they were taking something then. 

My only question to all baseball fans is simple and plain: How do latin players all of the sudden become large bodied, board shouldered individuals when their fathers and grandfathers only weighed maybe 150 lbs or a little more and thin and not certainly 6foot4?  That subject I will let my son write about because he really knows a lot about it. Oh yes, I want anyone to name one of the Latin players that we had playing before 1990 that stood over 6"4' and 230+.  Luis Tiant was fairly small and only Vic Power was considered stocky and believe me he didn't stand at 6'4" or better. 

I will learn this with only one other question.  Is the bottom line on this only due to the money or fame or in some cases  egos that are so large they think they can get away with lying to us all about the truth?"

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