After the Los Angeles Lakers were defeated in game three in the NBA Finals to the Orlando Magic, 108-104, some believe Lakers guard, Kobe Bryant, ran out of gas.

Bryant scored 21 points in the first half (17 in the first quarter), but barely scored 8 points in the second half of game three.

Seeing Bryant play throughout the whole 2008 NBA Playoffs, participate in the Olympics and then play throughout the whole 2009 NBA playoffs. Some would say that's the reason Bryant hasn't been more energize in 2009 than 2008.

Bryant is aware of the Magic's ability to perform. He feels they have talent and it won't be a walk in the park. "This team can stay hot for weeks. They can get hot and stay hot," Bryant said. "When that happens, you're dealing with a monster."

Bouncing back after a tough lose isn't hard for Bryant. He's expecting himself to do so and that will be Bryant's focus in game four. "I'm aware of me bouncing back after a tough loss," Bryant said. "Hopefully we can do it again."

Bryant doesn't feel tired, according to himself. Hitting a wall isn't a problem for Bryant, because he runs through it. "I didn’t, but so what if I did?" Bryant asked. "It means nothing. Because I'll run straight through it."

Lakers center Pau Gasol was surprised how Bryant finished the game. He didn't expect that from Bryant, but Gasol believes game four won't be a problem.

"Am I surprised?" Gasol said. "I guess you could say that because most of the time he is effective and does finish well. That's why everybody talks about him being a clutch player, which he deserves and earned. The last game really didn't go that well, but we expect the next game to be a different story."

Improving on defense is something the Lakers hope to do in game four. According to Derek Fisher, the Lakers' point guard, when watching film, defense is something they aren't happy about.

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