I am so sick of programs like NFL Today, etc. and their East Coast bias.  My red-hot Chargers are undefeated in December for umpteen games and all I hear about is who is playing them, never about  OUR talented players... just the opponents' shortcomings when playing the Bolts.  We were supposed to lose to the Giants and won.  The Eagles were almost guaranteed to win: we beat 'em.  Ditto to the Cowboys and the Bengals.  The reports were, "Oh, McNabb almost pulled it out, last minute errors did them in."  "The Cowboys nearly had it in the bag, and the Chargers barely won that one."  "Poor Bengals and their grief over Chris Henry's sudden death; we practically needed overtime and maybe even sudden death to turn them away from the top of the standings."  We snuck in I guess because Denver lost to the Raiders, Miami lost, and we got lucky.

The San Diego Chargers are on a legitimate roll.  We keep coming up with ways to win. Injuries are not an excuse for us; we just dig deeper into the depth chart and come up with one, two, or more "surprise" elements and keep on keeping on, week after week.  Now it's up to Tennessee, a good team with talented players and a QB who knows how to chalk up a W when it's game time.  But for cryin' out loud: can we get some love Media Wonks?  Okay, we've never won the Super Bowl, but we're a lot more talented than several teams who have a ring.   We are charging forward, oblivious to the doubters and haters, but jeez - not one guy is a lock for the Pro Bowl last time I checked and Philip is the MAN!  L.T. may have slipped a bit, he's frickin' over 30.  "Sparky the Lightnin' Bug" Sproles is teeny weeny, but plays one gigantic role. Antonio Gates snags everything in his zip code and Flypaper Fingers V. Jack is amazing!  Give our boys some credit, America.  Just because we're not digging out of tons of snow or freezing in subzero temps doesn't make us worthless villains.  We just chose to live in a resort year round, earthquakes, mud slides, fires and all.  OH, and by the way, I put in 27 years in suburban Chicago and I'll take each and every one of the (maybe) 20 earthquakes I've heard we've had, and the five I've actually felt -without losing a cup from a cupboard or a picture from a wall - ANY DAY.

Just quit hatin' talkin' heads and sports "prompter readers" (I can't make myself refer to you as journalists, well maybe the sideline chicks that do brave the weather).  We have one hell of a great team out here in the warmth and sunshine.  Recognize.  "Chile, PLEEZE!"

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