First time posting here. bare with me a bit....

Spring training is a time where lots of good players put up not so good # and vice versa. small sample size, uneven competition and the plain ole fact that the game doesn't really count tend to disort things a lot. however Mr. Zito's line so far sure raise an eyebrow or two....

14.2 IP 14.92 ERA 0K  10BB 21H 4HR.

unless i'm doing my math wrong here. Zito has faced more than 70 plate appearance already. not whiffing even 1 guy during this span is quiet an achievment.

maybe I havn't paid enough attention to ST in the past. but it's hard to go out there 4 times and not even have any silver lineing to your performance. forget about Zito being a pitcher under the second biggest pitcher contract of all time here. when's the last time someone throw this sort of stuff up?

his first appearnce was his worset is the only GOOD thing you could really say. he accomplished the impressive feat of leaving the game with a ERA of 105 .   And he manage to toss a couple of scoreless innings the second time out. but then he went right back to getting pounded.

we all knew that Zito was regressing with everything from his periphals to his velocities heading the wrong way  and signing him to THAT contract was surely a disastor. but man he's sure making it look bad sooner then I expected.

the question here isn't really that whether Zito will make the contract look really bad. he already has. the question is could be be cooked now just at his age 29 season? maybe i'm overreacting to ST # but boy. it's hard to really pitch THAT bad even if your trying to suck. and while it's surely going to be an ugly season in San Francisco anyway. Zito bomb could take them from just really bad, to a historically bad team.

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