To my way of thinking, SWEET LUCY" Pinella is not stupid, he is just a buffoon wearing Cub Blue.  Anyone who managed  from LL to what ever level of baseball could make the moves  Lou makes.  Now comes his latest stunt to fire up the team, much like the phony dirt kicking of last year.  There is no doubt , he should  have moved Jojnson to left and taken Soriano  OUT.  To protect those injury prone legs of his. No "SWEET LUCY", you are not stupid YOU WERE JUST AFRAID OF MAKING SORIANO MAD!!!!!!!  One other thing, why in the name of MOTHER NATURE did they keep CHOCOLATE PIE on the roster and send Murton down.  For one thing Pie stinks and secondly he needs to play every day.  GO PEORIA CHIEFS.

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