This has been a topic up for debate for a long time now. But, after last night's blown call on an A-Rod HR, which was ruled a double, the MLB has brought the subject up again. The MLB is considering trying out instant replay for the Arizona Fall League, which I think is a great idea. Major League Baseball umpires have now had not one, not two, but THREE blown calls this week. All three bad calls were on potential HR's, and were not ruled HR's, though it looked pretty obvious on TV.

Many people who are against using instant replay in Baseball have just one legit argument, which is the fact that it slows down the rhythm of the game. That may be true, but isn't it worth it if it allows umps to make the right call. Well, it is for one of the two teams, anyway. Ok, so maybe there is one more argument against using instant replay. I have heard a few people say that it ruins the tradition of Baseball, and allows technology to take over the game. All I have to say is if it you have the technology there, why not use it to improve the game?! If it works for Football, then why not Baseball???

I think this may be the best idea the MLB has had in years. Why, might you say?? Well, first of all, players, coaches, and fans are always complaining about blown calls. So, instant replay can fix that problem. Being an umpire is a tougher job than people think. No matter which call you make, the opposing team will always think it was a bad call. But with instant replay, it is a whole lot easier to be sure you get the call right, and it may help umpires keep their jobs a little longer. This would really take pressure off of them.

Instant replay

If instant replay works in Football, and Basketball, why not Baseball???

Now, like the NFL, there would have to be rules, and regulations with reviewing plays. I would say that they are allowed to "challenge" a close call (like the NFL calls it) once, maybe twice every 9 innings, and then get one extra challenge if a game goes into extra innings. You can challenge close calls on the basepaths, whether or not a hit ball went over the fence (or is fair or foul), and whether or not a fielder made a catch, or if it bounced into his glove. You CANNOT, I repeat CANNOT challenge balls or strikes. That, if anything, would slow the game.

So, this is what I think. The MLB should sit a fifth umpire up in the booth with a TV which gives him replays from mulitple opposing angles, and give him a 2-minute time limit on "challenges". I really do not feel this would slow the game up all that much. And, I really feel there is no reason not to add instant replay to the game of Baseball.

What do you guys/girls think about this situation? Let the debate begin (...again)!!

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