Alright so this is a little late. The week ended three days ago, but because of moving back to school I got a little behind. So here it is a look around the NHL from last week.

Around the NHL January 6 to January 13

Bruins cool off

The Boston Bruins had a three game win streak going until the Carolina Hurricanes blew into town. The ‘Canes blanked the Bruins to take a 1-0 win, despite being out shot. The Montreal Canadians came into the Garden. Despite a close game and a great effort by the Bruins the Habs walked away with a win. The Canadians were able to win because of the Power play, the have made it deadly this season and are the best in the league. Boston then turned around on Saturday and came up with a big overtime winner in Philadelphia. Aaron Ward scored an overtime goal to lift his team to a much needed win.

Canucks home point streak

The Vancouver Canucks home point streak came to end this week as they lost to the Coyotes 4-3. It was a good run for the Canucks and I still feel as though they are almost unbeatable at home. They are most likely the hardest team to beat at home in the NHL and I would hate to be the team that has to play there in the postseason.

Islanders streak

The New York Islanders lost 4 straight games before snapping into a two game win streak. Three of the four Islanders loses came in overtime or a shootout. As they lost to the Panthers, Avalanche and Canucks in overtime and were blanked by the Oliers. New York then beat the Flames in a shoot out and came up with a big win over the Senators.

Alexander Ovechkin signs a huge deal

The Washington Capitals will have a star athlete on their team for the next 13 years(baring injury… of course). Alexander Ovechikin dropped his agent and negotiated for himself. He did pretty good. Making his deal worth just over 9 million dollars per season for the next 13 years. Putting the deal worth 124 million big ones. Now the Capitals just have to spend a little more and put more talent around this kid, unless of course they want to lose for 13 years, which could be possible.

Senators role

The Ottawa Senators turned in a nifty four game winning streak this week before losing to the Islanders on the 13th. The Sens beat the Sabres twice while beating the Lighting and Red Wings as well.

Sabres continue to skid

2008 has not been very good to the Buffalo Sabers. Actually scratch that, 2008 has been awful to the Sabres. The Sabres have not won a game since they beat the Flyers in a shootout. The skid has seen them lose 5 of the 8 in shootouts.

Osgood gives up 5 to Wild Friday

Chris Osgood has been great this season. But not on Friday when he gave up a career high 5 goals to the Wild. However he did not have much defensive help as the Red Wings played perhaps their worst game of the season. The Red Wings also lost a real tough game this week to the Ottawa Senators 3-2. The Wings have a 14 point lead in the Western Conference. And have arguable the best goaltending duo in the league.

Hurricanes bruised and battereted dress just 17

The Carolina Hurricanes have had a ruff week. Dressing just 17 guys for their game against the Bruins. They ended up winning. They have made efforts to put more men on the roster signing former rookie of the year, Sergi Samsonov.

Heatley Separated shoulder

All Star Danny Heatley will miss 4-6 weeks after separating his shoulder against the Detroit Red Wings this week. The Senators will surly miss him as he is an important piece to their top line. The line that is made up of Heatley, Daniel Alfredsson, and Jason Spezza. The Senators lead the Eastern Conference and will look to survive a few weeks with out Heatley. And the Senators have won while missing key players before. The question is can they do it this year?

Rangers have ruff week

The New York Rangers had a rough week and a half. Losing five straight, then turning it around and beating the Montreal Canadians 4-1 on Saturday. Montreal is the only team the Rangers have beaten in their last seven games.

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