by BoSox Buzz

Ouch my pride...

Cleveland Indians you were good when it counted!

Watching the end of the ALCS game 2 game last night was torturous for anyone in Red Sox Nation. And probably no worse than for Theo Epstein. Here's 3 reasons why.

1. Trot Nixon
2. Eric Gagne
3. J.D. Drew

Although I would like to take out my soapbox and stand up on it and Rant, Rant, Rant I won't. Because the main point here is not to sit their and cry (no crying in Baseball) it's to give credit to where credit is due. Cleveland played better and won because there players delivered when it counted. And as a baseball fan I completely respect it. The Red Sox had there chances and could not deliver and as a fan of them I hope they can regroup and get back to it.

As much as it stings to see an old Red Sox player nonetheless a legend in Boston come back and propel his new team to a win you have to feel good for him. He does what we loved him for, he plays hard and gets his team in a position to win. Even if some people can't find a use for him!

The Sox did what they need to do offensively last night in the game, pitching & defense just couldn't hold up there end of the bargain. Now it's off to Cleveland all tied up. As I said before it was gonna be a sweep or seven games and now it looks like the latter of the two my come to fruition.

I think this is going to be an amazing series and with a lot of great games!

Peace and Happiness, GO SOX! -Michael

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